Don Fletchall & Chester Fulkerson Jax Apr71


History of Thermal Tech, Inc.

First Generation

Fletch CB Intro 1945
Introducing O.H. “Fletch” Fletchall

Mr. O.H. “Fletch” Fletchall was a steel designer working with Aetna Steel Company of Jacksonville designing heating systems for fuel transport barges during the Second World War and had to routinely visit Mr. Dick Illingworth to gather structural information on boilers.

He and Mr. Illingworth developed a close friendship and in April 1945, Mr. Illingworth offered Fletch a position with Illingworth Engineering, Inc., one of the first generation of Cleaver-Brooks representatives. When Mr. Illingworth passed away and Fletch continued operations of the company.

Second Generation

Don Fletchall & Chester Fulkerson, Jacksonville April 1971
Don Fletchall & Chester Fulkerson, Jacksonville April 1971

His sons, Jerry and Don Fletchall, joined their father in the business as Sales Engineers in 1958 and 1961 respectively. Illingworth’s region at that time covered South Georgia, North and Central Florida.





Don & Hugh at CB 50 Year Anniversary 1979
Don & Hugh at CB 50 Year Anniversary 1979

On January 1, 1984, Don split from Illingworth and partnered with Hugh Wilson to incorporate Thermal Tech, Inc. with the corporate office located in Tampa and an office in Winter Park. The company grew from a couple of two man offices to approximately 15 employees in the mid-1990’s.



Don Fletchall Portrait
Co-Founder/President Don Fletchall

In 1986, Deron Keiter was recruited by Mr. Wilson as a Service Technician and relocated to central Florida. Deron advanced to Aftermarket Sales in 1991. Rick Wilkins joined the sales team in Tampa 1994 after 10 years’ experience with Fluor Engineers in South Carolina.

In February 1997, after leading Thermal Tech, Inc., Don Fletchall retired and corporate headquarters transferred to Hugh Wilson in the Orlando office. At this time Deron and Rick were given the opportunity to become partners in the corporation and joined the management team.

Orlando Sentinel Article
Orlando Sentinel Article
Think About Selling Out Now, March 3, 2003, by Barry Flynn, Sentinel Staff Writer

In 2002, Mr. Wilson began planning the succession of the company and formed an ESOP to reward the employees with ownership in the company. The resulting ownership is with the Thermal Tech, Inc. ESOP Trust, Mr. Keiter, and Mr. Wilkins.


Leaders Hugh Wilson, Rick Wilkins, Deron Keiter
Hugh Wilson, Rick Wilkins, Deron Keiter