Service & Repair

The Equipment and Experience for Repairing and Performing Maintenance on All Types of Boilers, Boiler Room Equipment, and Heat Transfer Systems.


Combustion Control Upgrades

Replacement of obsolete flame safeguards and removal of older linkage and single point positioning controls and incorporating parallel positioning combustion controls.

Boiler Room Integration

Thermal Tech, Inc. controls group works with automation contractors to incorporate boiler data transmitted from a communications interface.

Building Management System (BMS) Interface

Communication interface for critical boiler data and ancillary boiler room equipment.

Energy Improvement Systems

Incorporation of O2 trim controls, variable speed drive for electrical motors, and incorporating newer burner designs and fuel gas recirculation (FGR) for improved emissions.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Data gathering and monitoring for boilers and ancillary boiler room equipment.


Pressure Vessel Repairwelder

Thermal Tech, Inc. holds the National Board R stamp and employs ASME certified welders qualified for code repair work on National Board registered boilers (ASME Section I) and vessels (ASME Section VIII).

Piping System Installation

Complete boiler room piping installation for steam, condensate, blowdown, feed water, natural gas, and fuel oil. Also, perform heating water supply piping for the newer energy-efficient hydronic boiler systems.

Equipment Installation

Capability for complete turnkey installation of entire boiler package including stack erection, engineering and design, permitting, and final startup and commissioning.

Custom Design

Skid package production of steam and hot water boiler skids.

In-House Design / Build Team

Engineering and contractor licensing to support turnkey projects.

Pre-Fabricated Systems

Custom design and installation for manifolds for assembly of modular boiler systems, including ancillary components.

Pumps, Heat Exchangers, and More

Versatile labor force experienced in the maintenance and repair of most manufacturers ancillary equipment.





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