ThermaFlo Water Heaters

Steam-Fired Package Water Heaters and Clean Steam Generators

ThermaFlo Engineering Company manufactures the finest Heat Transfer and Boiler Feed Systems in the industry. Since 1986 our staff have been constantly upgrading every product to be able to provide our customers with “Fit and Forget Reliability.”

From our Charlotte, North Carolina manufacturing location you can count on that Made in USA pride and quality engineered in all of our systems.

We are proud to have our full ASME Code Certifications for pressure vessel manufacturing which assures you “Our Customer” with long lasting service from every ThermaFlo Engineering Company product and system.

ASME LOGO ASME CODE Certified Welding and Fabrication
All Products Proudly Built & Assembled in the US 
Second to None in Field Reliability Since 1986


TH-750V Iron Horse Domestic Water Heater

Stainless Steel Semi-Instantaneous Steam Fired Packaged Water Heaters

TH-750V Units fit through 30” standard doorways and take up less than 4 sq ft of floor space. All units are designed so that the tube bundle can be removed from the bottom for ease of maintenance.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Accepts Up to 135 psig Steam Eliminating Costly
    PRV Stations
  • Complete Package Construction for Simple Pipe and Operate Installation, Fully Programmed & Set-up
  • 100:1 Industrial Control Valve Flow Turndown and
    Dead Tight Shutoff with “Soft Seat Unique Design Controls Pressure and Temperature”
  • Touch Screen, Modbus, Ethernet Controls and Outputs Available

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TH-500VX VacuFlo Water Heater

Steam Fired Water Heater

Vacuum steam contains more “Latent” heat BTUs than positive pressure steam saving energy. The TH500VX design eliminates steam pressure reducing stations, electric condensate pumps, flash tanks saving thousands on installation cost and long term maintenance. The TH500VX Electronic Controller interfaces with BACNET, Modbus, Lonworks, and many other BMS Products.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • 10% Energy savings over conventional type steam fired hot water heaters due to the use of vacuum steam with high latent heat
  • Heater accepts high pressure steam (150 psi) to the control valve inlet eliminating the need for steam pressure reducing stations
  • Condensate is pumped directly into the return system eliminating wasted flash steam to atmosphere and vent pipes to the roof
  • Digital control interfaces with building EMS
  • High temperature safety shutdown system
  • Complete guaranteed and tested system
  • Complete welded vacuum side piping
  • 10 Year tube bundle and shell warranty

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TH-500ZX Zero Flash Water Heater

Zero Flash Water Heater

Save Energy | Save Installation Cost | Save on Retrofits

The TH-500ZX fully condenses the latent heat BTUs and discharges condensate below atmospheric temperature eliminating flash steam. No additional flash tanks are required and condensate can be discharged directly to an electric or pressure powered condensate return pump system. Up to 5% of the steam can be saved!

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THCS-V Series Vertical Clean Steam Generator

Clean Steam Generator

“Cross Flow Instantaneous Design” Thermaflo Engineering THCS produces Dry Quality Clean Steam Instantly and On Demand for All Clean Steam Needs. Capacities from 100 to 30,000 lbs/hr Outlet Pressures to 150 PSIG.

All THCS-V Vertical Cross-Flow Generators have the following features:

  • Vertical compact “Instantaneous Cross Flow” design, eliminating carryover and pressure drops due to load changes;
  • 316L or carbon steel ASME Code Stamped “UB” shell;
  • Full-removable 316L stainless steel, copper or cupro nickel U-tube cross flow bundles;
  • Internal steam baffle impingement plate, ensuring quality steam over operating range;
  • Fully-integrated PID pressure and level controls in a UL Electrical panel;
  • Complete automated blow-down controls;
  • Fully-piped and insulated with metal jacket covering;
  • Fully-tested and certified package system on “actual steam conditions.”

THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generators

Clean Steam Generators

The THCS-H Horizontal Clean Steam Generator is designed to produce clean steam from the shell using a higher pressure plant steam or HTHW tubes. Clean steam is used in humidification, pharmaceutical, sterilization and food processing applications.

THCS-H Clean Steam Generators have the following features:

  • Carbon steel or 316 stainless steel ASME “UB” Code stamped shells; ASME Section VIII stamped;
  • Carbon steel, copper, cupro-nickel and complete 316L stainless steel inner U-tube, 2-pass heating bundles designed for steam generation;
  • Internal baffle plate separator to ensure 99% dry quality clean steam, enhancing system head transfer;
  • 3” thick high-efficient fiberglass insulation for shell with metal jacket;
  • UL Listed complete system controls featuring PID controls, alarms and readout interface with building systems;
  • Thermaflo BV Series “Fully Electron” Fail-Safe Steam Control Valve featuring 100:1 flow turndown and modulating control: High-temperature water available;
  • Modulated feed-water control valve for precise level control and dry quality steam;
  • 316 Stainless steel magnetic level gauge and level controller with blow-down eliminates gauge glass and leaking fittings.
  • Complete blow-down controls featuring surface automatic blow-down valve, sensor and controller. Lower blow-down tandem ball valves.

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ThermaMax Electronic Blend Station

Electronic Blend Station

Fully electronic master mix domestic water blend system.


  • Fail to cold design to prevent over temperature hot water entering building system loop.
  • Automatic shut off of hot water in the event of a power failure
  • Programmable outlet set point, hi / low alarms, safety shutdown
  • +/- 2degree accuracy of wide flow ranges
  • Isolation valve & check valves included
  • System Factory tested prior to shipment.
  • Energy management system interface. (Optional)
  • Up to 300 gpm max flow rate
  • Loop Circulator Option available for compete package system.

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