Federal – Condensate Pumps

Commercial & Industrial HVAC Condensate Return Units, Domestic Booster Systems, Heat Transfer Packages, Sump Pumps, and Sewage Lift Pumps

Federal Pumps include condensate & vacuum units, boiler feed units, horizontal split case pumps, end suction centrifugal pumps, and sump and sewage lift stations.

Type VCL

Type VCL

Condensate Return Unit

Cast Iron or Steel Receivers | 3450 or 1750 RPM Operation | To 20,000 sq. ft. E.D.R. | To 50 psi Discharge Pressure | Completely Assembled | Controls Mounted & Wired


RECEIVER: Low inlet type receivers are of heavy, close grained cast iron construction. No foundation bolts are required. May be installed in shallow pits or on floor level.

MOTORS: Single phase, 3450 RPM, 115/230v. capacitor type motors have built-in overload protection. Three phase, 208-230/460v. motors are furnished with magnetic starters (mounted and wired on unit), with overload relays for motor protection.

FLOAT SWITCH: Enclosed, automatic float switches with adjustable float travel and seamless copper float furnished for each motor.

PUMP: Bronze fitted centrifugal pump design assures long operating life without parts replacement or loss of pumping efficiency, by eliminating close clearance moving parts. Stainless steel shafts, bronze guide bearing protected by mechanical shaft seal, and single piece construction insures vibrationless operation.

Single Unit consists of one receiver, one pump and motor unit and one float switch (plus one magnetic starter for three phase units).

Duplex Unit consists of one receiver, two pump and motor units and two float switches (plus two magnetic starters for three phase units). An automatic alternating float switch can be furnished on Duplex Units in place of the two standard float switches.

Type CCV

Type CCV

Condensate Return Unit

Cast iron or steel receivers | 1750 or 3450 RPM operation | To 100,000 sq. ft. E.D.R. | To 125 psig discharge pressure | Completely assembled | Controls mounted & wired


RECEIVER: Cast iron receivers are standard. Steel receivers are available as an option. Maximum internal receiver pressure is 5 psi. Receivers are designed for venting to atmosphere.

PUMP: Bronze fitted centrifugal design, flanged to the receiver with leakless mechanical shaft seal. The seal chamber has a relief line back into the receiver to prevent air pockets or collection of abrasives near the mechanical seal. Motor and rotating assembly are removable without disturbing retum or discharge piping. Maximum water temperature at pump suction is 210°F.

MOTOR: Drip-proof ball bearing design. Units are available with 1750 RPM or 3450 RPM motors.

FLOAT SWITCH: One for each pump, provides automatic operation, mounted and wired on unit.

STARTERS: All polyphase units (208-230/460v), and integral H.P., single phase units (115/230v.) are furnished with magnetic starters mounted and wired on the unit. Single phase fractional H.P. motors have built-in overload protection and do not require magnetic starters.



Close-Coupled Pumps

Vertical Close-Coupled Pumps | Back Pull-Out Design | Centerline Discharge


CASING: Standard pumps are built with the suction connection 180 degrees from the discharge connection. Casings can be field rotated for 90 degree position changes. Suction and discharge connections are standard ASA flanges. Top pull-out design permits removal of the rotating assembly without disconnecting suction and discharge piping. Centerline discharge permits straight-through piping.

IMPELLER: Single piece enclosed bronze balanced impellers, with diameters cut for specified condition points.

SHAFT: The pump end is mounted on the motor shaft, eliminating alignment problems. A bronze shaft sleeve prevents contact between the shaft and the liquid being pumped.

MECHANICAL SHAFT SEAL: A leakless mechanical shaft seal is standard on all models with ceramic and carbon faces, and stainless steel metal parts. A copper bypass line flushes the seal chamber to prevent dead-ending of abrasives.

MOTORS: Pumps are built with standard NEMA frame drip-proof motors. Totally enclosed and explosion proof motors are available, as options. Fractional horsepower single phase motors have built-in overload protection. All other motors should be provided with magnetic starters.

MODIFICATIONS: Standard pumps are bronze-fitted. Liquid ends can be furnished in all-bronze or all-iron construction, as options. These pumps are also available in close-coupled horizontal style and in flexible coupled horizontal style.

MODEL NUMBERS: Example 3CGF-10-2; 3 is the pump discharge size (3 inches); CG is the impeller diameter range (CC -small diameter, CG -medium diameter, CK -large diameter); F is the mounting style (F-flange mounted, L-inline mounted, Y-floor mounted ); 10 is the motor horsepower; 2 is the motor speed (2-pole 3450 R.P.M., 4-pole 1750 R.P.M.)

NOTE: Construction of CCF, CCL and CCY models varies somewhat from the construction described for the other models.



Flexible Coupled Pump

End suction enclosed impellers | Vertically split back pull-out casings | 1750 RPM and 3450 RPM selections Leakless mechanical shaft seals | Centerline discharge for automatic venting | Steel or cast iron bases | Standard NEMA motors | Flanged suction and discharge for easy installation



CASING: Cast iron construction; tapped for drain, vent cock, and pressure gauge. Suction and discharge connections are standard ASA flanged type for easier installation. These pumps are of the back pull-out design to permit removal of all rotating parts without breaking suction and discharge connections. Casings are centerline discharge for automatic venting when used in the standard vertical discharge position. Discharge can be field rotated for 90 degree position changes.

IMPELLER: Single piece enclosed bronze casting, fully balanced with the diameter cut for specific condition points. Cast iron impellers are available for all-iron pumps.

SHAFT: Alloy steel, of large diameter to insure power transmission with minimum deflection or vibration. Stainless steel shafts are available as an option.

SHAFT SLEEVE: Renewable bronze shaft sleeve prevents contact between the shaft and the liquid being pumped. Stainless steel shaft sleeves are available as an option.

WEARING RING: Renewable bronze wearing ring pressed into the pump casing is standard on CKB models and optional on CCB and CGB models.

MECHANICAL SHAFT SEALS: Leakless mechanical shaft seals with ceramic and carbon faces, plus stainless steel components eliminate maintenance and adjustment problems. A copper by-pass line (standard on CGB and CKB models, optional on CCB models) prevents dead-ending of abrasives in the seal chamber. Non-standard mechanical shaft seals are available for special operating conditions.

BEARING FRAME: Single piece cast iron construction for maximum strength and rigidity. Bearings are sized and spaced to absorb radial and axial loading. Bearings are greased at the factory prior to shipment, but require periodic greasing in the field.

FLEXIBLE COUPLING: Precision machined with one-piece load cushion to prevent wear on the metal jaws. Couplings are sized for long life under the specified load.

MOTORS: Motors are of NEMA drip-proof design in standard frame sizes. Totally enclosed and explosion proof motors are also available. Motor bearings are factory lubricated and sealed for long life without field lubrication. Fractional H.P. single phase motors have built-in overload protection. All other motors should be provided with magnetic starters.

BASES: Standard units are furnished with formed steel bases. Cast iron drip-rim bases are available as an option.

MODIFICATIONS: Standard pumps are of bronze-fitted construction. Liquid ends can also be furnished in all-bronze and all-iron construction. Pumps can be furnished in close-coupled style, if preferred.

ACCESSORIES: Accessory items are available including coupling guards, vibration eliminator rails, flexible metal hose connections, motor starters, control panels, etc. (NOTE: CCB pump construction may vary slightly from the standard CGB and CKB pump construction described.)


Type VSA

Type VSA

Sewage Pump

Wet-Pit Installations | Pumps Suspend From Pit Or Basin Cover | Non-Clog Impellers | 1750 RPM 1150 RPM Operation | Steel Or Fiberglass basins | Steel Covers And Grouting Frames For Concrete Pits | Control Systems Available


MOTOR: Nationally known manufacturer. Single phase motors in fractional horsepower frame sizes have built-in overload protection. Other motors should be protected by magnetic starters.

FLEXIBLE COUPLING: Machined and balanced.

THRUST BEARING: Ball bearing mounted above suspension plate in dust-proof and moisture-proof housing.

ADJUSTING NUTS: Two bronze lock nuts for accurate vertical adjustment of impeller clearance.

SUSPENSION PLATE: Cast iron plate has integral strengthening ribs.

DISCHARGE PIPE: Steel, locked to suspension plate, held in bottom elbow by mating flange, forming bottom expansion joint.

TOP DISCHARGE ELBOW: Cast iron 45 degree elbow with integral 125# ASA standard discharge flange and top expansion joint ring.

IMPELLER: One-piece, bronze or cast iron, non-clog, balanced, keyed and locked to shaft.

SHAFT: Carbon steel, turned and ground, sized for maximum load.

SUSPENSION LEG: Cast iron sections with integrally cast end flanges.

GUIDE BEARINGS: Renewable bronze sleeve type intermediate bearings for each four feet of unsupported shaft length plus bottom guide bearing in pump casing.

CASING: Cast iron with smooth water passages.

LUBRICATION SYSTEM: Intermediate and bottom guide bearings are lubricated through flexible grease lines. Alemite fitting furnished above the suspension plate for each grease line.

BASINS AND PITS: Sewage basins of fiberglass or steel construction are available. Also, steel covers and grouting frames for concrete pits.

BOARD OF STANDARDS AND APPEALS LISTING:Federal VSA sewage pumps are listed and approved by the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals, Calendar No. 741-50-SA.