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Thermal Tech, Inc. carries Boiler Room Controls by Hays Cleveland. For over 100 years, Hays Cleveland Combustion Controls, Instruments & Systems have provided enduring quality and value for the money spent!

Eagle 5™ Boiler Facility Manager

Eagle 5™ Boiler Facility Manager

The Eagle 5™ provides a central monitoring and supervisory control panel that integrates Hays Cleveland’s boiler combustion control and instrumentation in single and multiple boiler steam and hot water plants. 

The central control panel provides supervisory control and monitoring to fully optimize the control system to reduce energy and maintenance costs, and to improve safety by identifying faults and alarms. Hays Cleveland’s many decades of experience with SCADA systems led to the development of the Eagle 5™. The Eagle 5™ provides an economical approach for facility supervision and for communications.

The Eagle 5™ Boiler Facility Manager reports, displays, and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Eagle5.03 (color)


  • 12.1 Inch TFT Touch Screen Graphic and Control Panel
  • Central Facility Monitoring – not just “per boiler”
  • No Loss of Control with Loss of Monitoring
  • Ethernet, Intranet, TCP/IP Modbus Communications
  • Email Alarm Messaging
  • Web Publishing for Remote Viewing with HTML Graphics
  • Control, Boiler, Alarms, BMS and Trending Graphic Displays
  • Menu-Driven Operator Interface
  • Supervisory Control
  • DirectLink™ Servo Motor Linkageless Control System Interfacing
  • Micro IV™ Plant Master Lead Lag Sequencer Interfacing
  • Burner Management Interfacing
  • Compliance Monitor Interfacing with Draft Control & Opacity Monitoring



Universal Programmable Automation Controller

Complete Boiler Plant Control, Monitoring & Communications! PAC (programmable automation controller) platforms offer the expansion and control capability of PLC’s, the PID performance of multiple loop controllers, and the communication options of DCS. Initial investment and maintenance costs are low.

The new Hays Cleveland UPAC™ package provides complete facility control, monitoring and communications with the accuracy, speed and advanced capabilities expected in high-end PLC and PC automation products–at a much lower than expected investment! With UPAC™, boiler plant operations and other facility operations are fully integrated in one platform. UPAC™’s modular approach provides almost unlimited capability. Components include a touch screen, control unit and modules for analog and digital I/O.

Standard Features

  • 12.1″ TFT Touch Screen HMI
  • System Diagnostics
  • Compact Modular Design
  • SCADA Communications
  • Alarm Displays
  • Boiler Displays
  • Control Loop Displays
  • Trend Displays
  • Commissioning Displays
  • UL508 Components


  • Ethernet
  • Multiple RS232/485, Ethernet & RJ45 Ports
  • Modbus (Master and/or Slave)
  • Web Server, Email & Paging Options




Hays Cleveland is proud to introduce the AC-PAC™, our hightech, low-cost, single solution for projects ranging from complete new systems to individual controller replacements. AC-PAC™ offers powerful PAC technology and an HMI capable of replacing any other loop controller technology in any typical application--but at an unexpectedly economical price point.


  • Highly visible 4.3 inch, color HMI with 16:9 Ratio
  • Multiple programmable loops
  • 2 RS485 Modbus communications & TCP/IP Modbus
  • VNC Connectivity
  • 8 analog inputs & 4 analog outputs
  • 8 digital inputs/8 digital outputs
  • Multiple manual/auto stations
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Multiple bar graph, trend, & alphanumeric display panels
  • Alarm display panels
  • Engineering unit display
  • Superior operator interface
  • Auto-tune, natural frequency type
  • Extensive computation ability e.g., BTU meter
  • Boiler and combustion efficiency; mass flow computation & totalization possible
  • Password & access control


  • Optional 7″ & 10″ 16:9 ratio HMI Touchscreens
  • Optional 12.1 inch, 4:3 ratio HMI Touchscreen
  • Digital I/O expansion modules
  • Digital & analog I/O expansion up to 28 Analog inputs, 12
    Analog Outputs, & 40 Digital Inputs & Outputs

Series C-05810

Series C-05810

Micro IV Lead Lag Sequencer

Micro IV™, a fourth generation lead lag sequencer with modern control features designed to provide efficient operation for today’s boiler plants that generally use more and smaller boilers than the plants of the past. The Micro IV™ provides the rate and desired pressure or temperature to meet changing facility demands not achievable with individual boiler controls.


  • Maintains facility main header temperature or pressure for efficient production and heating: eliminates variable energy supply and meets demand!
  • Universal applications: controls any model burner or boiler.
  • Sequencing with modulation for 2 to 12 steam or hot water boilers and auxiliary boiler plant equipment.
  • On-Off, Low-High-Off or Full-modulation.
  • Time-based main header temperature or pressure control: fully factory-configured before shipment.
  • Fully Automatic control & burner interface.
  • Building Management (EMS) interface with ASCII-II and RS-485 Modbus ports for remote control, data acquisition and SCADA systems.
  • Master set point tracking.
  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display: 2 easy-to-read lines using engineering units.
  • Real-time data acquisition including efficiency, boiler ON times, pressures and temperatures.
  • Industrial heavy-duty enclosure: cabinet has easy access for field wiring.
  • Front panel operator interfaces include boiler ON lights, engineering unit displays of all boiler combustion functions, manual/auto/off switches, dedicated display of header temperature or pressure, and auxiliary manual/auto stations.
  • Five lead-boiler rotation modes: manual selection (via keypad
    entry); automatic rotation on a weekly basis; automatic rotation based on lead-boiler run time; or remote select with Modbus or switched inputs.
  • Night set-back/weekend skip: real-time clock for automatic set
    point reduction during lighter load periods.
  • Packaged systems ready for installation! Include engineering services for submittals, wiring schematics, and field sensors.

Micro IV™ is not limited to boiler control: it can be factory-configured for tank level, air-compressor loading, or air dryer control.

Series C-07720-C0

Series C-07720-C0

Draft Control System

The Hays Cleveland C-07720 Draft Control System is a state of the art product that combines, in one package, all the components of draft control, flue gas monitoring and safety: • High performance microprocessor for accurate draft control. • Draft sensor (No external transmitter is required.) • Draft range signal for monitoring. • Electronic draft reading. • Flue gas temperature transmitter and reading. • Flue gas temperature alarm. • Low draft or high pressure cutoff switch.


  • Combines six control & monitoring functions.
  • Saves fuel and improves safety.
  • Multiple draft control functions.
  • Flue gas temperature indicator/transmitter.
  • Electronic draft gauge.
  • Draft range transmitter.
  • Menu-driven setup.
  • ISA Sequence M FGT alarm.
  • Integral lowdraft/high pressure cutoff switch.
  • Economical: long-term returns on low initial investment.
  • Replaces Series 7710 & DCR controllers & others.
  • DEP, CUL & UL Approvals.
  • Modbus Serial Communications.
  • Field Configurable for all control & monitoring functions.
  • Processor Diagnostic LED’s.