Spirax Sarco Controls & Flow Meters

Spirax Sarco Boiler Controls and Flow Meters

Spirax Sarco Boiler Controls

Accurate control of water level/alarm within the boiler or tank while maintaining the proper TDS level of the boiler water, are vital in the boiler room.

Spirax Sarco Flowmeters

No matter what your thermal energy management goals are, Spirax Sarco’s range of flowmeters can help assess your thermal energy production, usage, and distribution. Our flowmeters have an unrivaled reputation for accuracy, turndown and reliability. Advanced communication and configuration capabilities make our flowmeters suitable for your current and future needs. A comprehensive selection of flow computers which can be linked to plant and building management systems, complement the range.

EMCO (legacy)

Are you looking for the EMCO Flow Systems legacy product? Spirax Sarco purchased EMCO in 2005. In 2014 they began the name brand conversion to Spirax Sarco.

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Modulating Level Controls

A level control system consists of a sensor, controller, valve or pump and may be on-off or modulating. It is vital that your boiler water levels be monitored safely and accurately.

  • Products compliant with all relevant European standards & regulations
  • Safe working environment for your employees
  • Reduce the risk of accident in the boiler house


Boiler Blowdown & Condensate Contamination Detection

The BCS 3 blowdown system is suitable for shell and water tube boilers and can be linked to energy/building management systems. The BCS 3 can handle boiler pressures up to 465 psig (32 barg). Additional features include:

  • Continuous digital indication of TDS
  • 4-20/0-20 mA output
  • Self cleaning probe
  • High TDS alarm

Gilflo Flowmeters

Variable area pipeline flowmeter with high turndown capability. Comes as spring loaded variable version and in-line variable area version;

  • unrivalled 100:1 turndown
  • can meter most industrial fluids, steam and gases
  • comprehensive range of associated sensors and instrumentation available

TVA Meters

Target Variable Area flowmeter (TVA);

  • Simple to install in confined spaces
  • Measures the complete steam flow range
  • High performance with low cost of ownership
  • Easy to use

Insertion Turbine


Spirax Sarco’s insertion turbine flow meters provide significant cost savings for line sizes from 3 to 80′ without compromising performance.

With high accuracy, wide turndown, and a unique low-mass rotor design without welded joints, the insertion turbine flow meter gives you the benefit of 40 years of practical experience. The unique insertion design measures liquids or gases, including steam, and can be installed without line shutdown.


Spirax Sarco Vortex meters have no moving parts, rugged construction, and microprocessor-based electronics for high accuracy in many flow metering applications including liquids, gas and steam.

Vortex flow meters provide accurate measurement with lower maintenance, and lower total cost of ownership than other flow meter technologies in line sizes 1″ to 80″.

Thermal Mass Flowmeters


The MTI10/MTL10 measures the mass flow of gases and air without need for additional transmitters or flow computers, and is virtually immune to changes in temperature and pressure over a wide flow range.

The benefits of the MTI10/MTL10 are:

  • Calibrated in actual gas to ensure accuracy over the entire flow range
  • High power for quick response and wide turndown (100:1)
  • Constant temperature sensing for low flow accuracy
  • In-situ testing of sensor and circuitry, factory recalibration is not required


UTM10 Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter

Ultrasonic meters clamp-on to the outside of the pipe and measure fluid through the use of ultrasound signals. They do not come into contact with the fluid and therefore do not create pressure drop, or contaminate fluid.

Ultrasonic meters have a low total ownership cost due to low installation and maintenance costs.